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Rich Text Support

Ideation in companies is a big deal. It's what drives change.

To ideate effectively, people need to be able to express themselves effectively. They need to make sure their ideas are conveyed appropriately.

We realize that doing this with plain text fields is difficult.

As such, we are proud to announce the introduction of rich text support to Papillio.

Using our rich text editor you can:

  • change font and background colors
  • apply headings
  • bold, underline and strike text
  • use numbered or bulleted lists
  • indent and outdent paragraphs
  • control paragraph alignment
  • copy and paste in your browser and maintain formatting.

We hope our rich text support helps you further your CX change management goals!

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Dave Benjamin

I am a creator of cool tech, with a focus on business transformation and solutions to help the world deliver better customer experiences. Motorbike enthusiast, lucky husband and dad of two great kids.

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