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Great news for our users - Papillio is now Freemium

We're thrilled to announce our move to a freemium pricing model!

We've decided to implement a freemium pricing model for Papillio. Under this model, Papillio is now 100% free to use - with absolutely no limitations on the number of users you can add to your account or the features you can access.

Why freemium?

We truly believe that Papillio will make a big difference to the world of customer experience and to the lives of CX Managers, other business professionals and ultimately to the customers of brands around the globe.

We want to see Papillio being used as the de-facto  go to platform for implementing winning customer experiences, and to achieve this we need to ensure we are fulfilling the needs of our customers before we pursue turning Papillio into a commercial product.

To build the best product possible, we need people like you to use the product, and to share feedback with us so we can incorporate your requirements into the evolution of the app. By making it free to use, its our hope that you'll do exactly this and not only use Papillio for your benefit but also partner with us to help us make it achieve its full potential.

While Papillio is already on par or ahead of competitive products through our best in class Persona Design and Journey Mapping features, we have a lot more planned that will take the solution we offer to a completely different level of value.

We plan to deliver a complete value chain of collaborative tools from ideation all the way through to agile change management, panel management features for customer co-creation, a customer facing app so you can incentivise customers to get involved in developing your CX strategy, a REST API so that your development team can integrate Papillio with other software platforms used in your business, and much more. The plans we have in store are ambitious, they will represent a world-first for CX and we need a customer partnership model to make sure we get it right.

We believe the freemium model will allow us to approach the evolution of Papillio with a modern, customer centric mindset. It's more important to us at the moment that we build a solution that offers undeniable value to our customers than it is to meet short term revenue targets at the cost of  maximising the value that the solution can offer.

How can Papillio afford this?

We're in the very fortunate position to be well funded. Investors get excited about tech businesses in the employee productivity and collaboration spaces that have global appeal, and ours feel exactly this way about Papillio.

With the funding we've secured, we're able to continue building the best CX Toolkit available today without having to worry about charging our customers for the time being.

Are there any limitations to the freemium usage?

No. Under our freemium pricing model, you will have access to the entire Papillio CX Toolkit. As we introduce more features over time, these will also be included at no charge until we eventually make the transition to a paid subscription model.

How long will Papillio be freemium?

This is a difficult question to answer, because it depends on so many variables. As we continue to grow our user and customer footprint, we expect the investment in our business to grow with it, so it's entirely possible that we'll be able to keep offering Papillio as a freemium tool for many months to come.

However, having said this, the time will come when shareholder pressure is going to dictate that we need to start introducing paid subscription plans.

Our best estimate at this time is that Papillio will remain freemium for at least the next six months.

How much will Papillio cost in the future?

Because we're focussed more on delivering customer value at the moment than we are on a pay-to-use model, there honestly haven't been too many conversations about this in our office.

One thing we can tell you is that there will always be a free version of Papillio available. This would naturally have some limitations when compared to the paid subscription plans and it'll be aimed primarily at individual users who work in isolation instead of as part of a bigger CX team.

We'll also have different subscription plan levels so that we remain affordable for companies both large and small, a volume licensing model so that massive enterprises can still afford to deploy Papillio throughout their entire organisation, and a user license strategy where access can be offered at a far reduced price-point for those users (i.e. people outside of the CX team) who don't need access to everything that Papillio has to offer.

But... I'm already a paying customer

If you're reading this and you've already made the decision to select one of our paid subscription plans, we'd like to thank you for that choice.

However, we certainly are not going to expect customers who've already made that decision to subsidise new customers who are using Papillio under our freemium model.

Instead, we'll process a full credit of your current subscription period towards future Papillio license fees. When we implement paid subscription plans in the future, we'll apply this credit towards your next paid subscription period.

By now you should already have been contacted by someone in our customer success team to discuss your credit. If not, we'll be in touch shortly but as always, please feel free to drop us an email.

Why are you waiting?

With Papillio being offered as a freemium tool, there is no reason to wait to create a free account. Take advantage of our 100% free solution and get access to the best in class CX Toolkit available today!

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