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As experience professionals, we don't work in a vacuum. We need to design experiences for actual people. If you cannot understand who those people are, your likelihood of success is significantly limited.

This is where personas come into play. Personas give us the opportunity to paint a realistic picture of the people for whom we are designing.

There are several persona design software solutions already available in the market today, including tools like Userforge and Smaply but the capability that Papillio delivers far exceeds these.

Lets walk through our persona design capability, we've just released.

Creating a persona is easy. Simply click the ADD button at the top left of the Personas screen.

Doing so displays a pop-up where you define basic persona information - the persona's name, their type (customer, employee or supplier), their age and their gender.

Once you've created the persona, you'll be directed to a details page where you can start to define the persona.

In the top (profile) section of the page, you can replace the personas default image with one that better represents your persona. You can also change their name, age and gender at any time if you need to.

Clicking on the summary field displays a rich text editor so that you can add rich text content to summarize the persona as meaningfully as possible.

The images section of the persona allows you to upload images to provide some visual context to your persona. Use it to describe the person's hobbies, their favorite restaurant, their route to work or anything else you choose.

The persona quote is intended to allow you to sum up your persona in one sentence. If you were to meet this person, what are they most likely to say to to you?

Persona goals and fears enable you to give some context to the personality of the person. What drives them? What keeps them awake at night?

The experience widget is the first of three that start to express the persona's relationship with you company. If allows you to rate how positive or negative the person's experience is across three distinct criteria.

The Expectations and Complaints widgets provide a place for you to express some of the detail about your persona's experience with your company. What do they expect? Where are you failing?

The skills section allows you to describe the personas strength and weaknesses so you can better understand how to appropriately service them.

Every piece of content you provide to the persona is automatically summarized in a word cloud so that you can get a great visual overview of the person you're trying to describe.

Tags and Attachment enable you add metadata to the persona. Use tags to add any classification of your choosing. Got a design document from your CX team? No problem. Just upload it to make available to all other users for reference purposes.

Personas integrate effortlessly with the remainder of the Papillio features. By linking personas to ideas and goals, you will gain an immediate understanding of how well you are managing to focus your attention on the right goals for any person in your target audience.

Every time you add a new persona, Papillio will add it the the personas summary page so you can get a high-level view of the make-up of your target audience and the manner in which you're dealing with each of the persona types.

Finally, in the app's dashboard view you'll get a nice visual summary of the each of your personas has with you organization.

We hope you'll agree that the new Papillio persona builder represents the next level in persona management for the Customer Experience industry and we hope you'll enjoy using it!

If you're not already a user, start a free trial today.

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