A Complete CX Change Management Toolkit

PAPILLIO has everything you need to transform your customer experience, consistently out-perform your competitors, maximize your profits and ensure your business success.

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Design customer journeys
Build customer personas
Benchmark your CX maturity
Ideate and innovate
Set transformation goals
Assess business impact
Prioritize change objectives
Build a customer culture
Drive agile change

And so much more...

A Much Faster Change Cycle

You probably already have a good appreciation of CX. We don't need to convince you about its importance. You also understand how difficult it is to mobilize change. You've faced that challenge many times. Now there's finally a tool that has your back. Make customer experience change a reality in your company. And achieve it quickly.

Dave Benjamin


Powerful Change Management Features

new features added every month

New features added every month

Design Customer Journeys

Build Customer Personas

Benchmark CX Maturity

Collaborate, Ideate & Innovate

Set Transformation Goals

Prioritize Objectives

Drive Agile Change

Organize Teams

Design Customer Journeys

Flexible online journey mapping capability

Journey mapping is the primary tool in a customer experience manager's arsenal.

Unfortunately, most organizations design customer journeys offline, which makes it very difficult to collaborate with more than just a few colleagues.

PAPILLIO offer a fully featured and flexible journey mapping solution to solve this problem.

Add stages and journey steps and then build a journey map to suit your own style using our range of content lanes.

You can include rich text in maps, upload images, add tags and attachments and even link your journey maps to personas, ideas and goals.

Build customer journeys online and facilitate collaboration with colleagues and customers

What People Are Saying

Jennifer Kirkman, Customer Experience Manager
Jennifer KirkmanCustomer Experience Manager

In my job, I am continually managing hundreds of objectives.

PAPILLIO has given me a level of organization capability and tools to drive CX change that I've never had before.

This, together with the maturity assessments makes PAPILLIO my favourite cloud tool.

Gary Greenfield, CEO, Interact RDT
Gary GreenfieldCEO, Interact RDT

As a leading CX consultancy, PAPILLIO has transformed our business.

Never before have we been able to engage our clients so actively and make sure we position ourselves to deliver customer experience change value

The PAPILLIO team have truly created something revolutionary! Now that we have it, I could not imagine business without it.

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